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Review: Brodanse – Sleep Wont Come

This EP abides by the Steve Jobs directive that successful creations must “surprise and delight,” as it pulls off both quite well. The midtempo title track, “Sleep Won’t Come,” has an 80s vibe with long breakdowns that create an accessible listening pleasure.“More to Life” is deep house on a tech[...]

Fools Paradise

Snap! Orlando & Infiltr8:Celebr8 present Fools Paradise: A daytime affair

Snap! Orlando and Infiltr8:Celebr8 present a day of guilty pleasures with music, art and cuisine. DJ’s • THREE • Atnarko • Queens Of Noise • Rob Slac • Mathew Scot. ART • Terry O’Neill, England • Gered Mankowitz, England • Billy & Hells, Germany • Tina Luther, Germany • Axel Crieger, Germany •[...]


Review: Noir Lomez Atnarko – Lost Again (feat Symbol)

The 80s have been super-influential on current music, particularly electronic and dance-oriented music. One of the things people tend to like about music from that time is the moodiness of it.  That decade was quite gloomy in certain respects–Reagan and Thatcher warring against organized labor in their respective countries which[...]


Review: Grand Reserve – Thoughts on Romanthony

Earlier this year we lost House producer Romanthony, sending a shockwave throughout the community of fans, peers and lovers of house music in general. This EP is a tribute and the closing track is a remembrance of his talent and influence.  Kentucky’s Grand Reserve (Named after their state’s sought after[...]